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Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza is one of the islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its party atmosphere and set in the sparkling Mediterranean. It’s an absolute paradise - hedonistic and wild - but also rich in history and culture.

The name Ibiza comes from yabisah in Arabic which means land, and has been inhabited for at least 3,000 years. It is said that the Carthaginians discovered Ibiza and founded it around 650 BC, and used Ibiza to bury their dead. After the Punic Wars, Rome gained control of the islands and during the Roman Empire Ibiza was an outpost for trading routes. Eventually, the Arabs came to the island around the 9th century and stayed for another 500 years.

Marks from Ibiza’s history testify to her importance outside the clubbing scene – there’s the rumours that this is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, complete with a monument to lay claim to the title (there’s an egg monument in Sant Antoní). The Arabs also left a mark, with the large mosque still in Ibiza. Another thing to see would be the secret passage in the Calle de San Circiaco in D'Alt Vila where soldiers snuck through to win the second round of Punic Wars against the Romans. It's now fenced off to the public, but you can peer into the tunnel ways and imagine sweaty soldiers running through all the same. In the 16th century an Italian architect, Calvi helped with the construction of the walls of Ibiza Town which are the same walls you can see today. Along the walls, there are towers that once lit fires to forewarn the people of pirate ships. Also along the walls rest some Roman statues such as Santa Eulalia where an old Roman bridge lets all enter into town.

Today though, it’s party goers and dance-to-dawn types rather than conquering Romans or Arabs that invade the Island in droves – Ibiza’s fame is now as the home of huge clubs and gorgeous people suntanning on pristine coves and sparkling waters.

The nightlife on Ibiza plays until morning, all night long, and rest is only found under the mediteranean sun in the afternoons. The most famous clubs are Space, Pacha, Es Paradis, Privilege (the largest club in the world!), Eden and so many others. The mixes in the clubs are the world’s most crazy, sophisticated and cutting edge music. Music includes mostly house, trance and electronic. People come from all over the world to party at Ibiza - so join in on the fun and party till sunrise and soak in the hot summer sun along the gorgeous shores. When you’re chilling out, take a break and enjoy that Spanish food – like paella, tapas, guisado and sofrit pages. Paella is a dish of rice, meats, seafood and slowly cooked to perfection. Tapas are snack sized portions of fish, meats, eggs and vegitables. Guisado is a rich soup with fish or meat. Sofrit pages is a dish of pork, lamb, and chicken with garlic, peppers, potatoes and spices. For dessert try greixonera (a pudding) or flao (cheesecake with herbs and honey). Don't forget to try sangria, wine with added liquors and chopped fruit.

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