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Dusseldorf, Germany
Dusseldorf is located in Germany on the Rhine and Dussel Rivers. It is known to be founded some time around the 12th century, but never really had much of a significance until lately. After World War II, builders came in to rebuild the city, and you can say they did a magnificent job.

Like all German cities, there’s a great air of the old mixed in with the new – and in a city well known for it’s fashion, its not a bad point to have on the cv. This fashion centre has big star pull – attracting many famous fashion designers into the city with various fashion fairs and a great market for chic boutiques and clothing stores. But don’t forget to take a walk along the streets and see what else Dusseldorf has to offer.

There are various sights, which can be overwhelming. If you want to familiarize yourself with the city before hitting one of the many galleries, museums or shops, you should take a walk or rent a bike. On a bike you can ride along the Rhine River and make your way through town, people watch and window shop, getting a taste of the city. Afterwards I’d suggest that you see the 1770 palace called Benrath (or as the locals know it, Benrather Schloss) which was built towards the end of the Baroque period. After the palace you should go to one of the numberous museums or galleries offered in Dusseldorf. There's also the Aquazoo-Lobbecke Museum, an aquarium and museum that offer something a little different after seeing a lot of art galleries and museums. There's also a number of churches located in Old Town which are interesting to take a look at. And please don't forget that Dusseldorf loves fashion, so you should go shopping. One of the main shopping streets is Konigsalle.

Dusseldorf has various different dishes to offer, from international cuisine to local specialties. Some of the typical main dishes would include rhenish sauerbraten (pickled roast beef), aadze zupp (thick pea soup), halver hahn (strong cheese on roggelchen- ryebread), flonz met olk (black pudding with onion rings), rievkooke (potato fritters) and Flönz mit Ölk' (blood sausage served with onions). And don't forget to try the beer from the local breweries. The Altbier is a dark beer which is perfect to go along with most of the dishes suggested.

A good majority of the nightlife in Dusseldorf happens in the old quarter which is also called Altstadt where over 200 pubs, bars, and taverns are located. Altstadt is located right on the river which makes for a great view from the bars. However, if you want to do something else, than there's the cinema, live music, opera and ballets offered at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, theaters and concerts located around town as well as dancing! Some great places to dance your nights away would be at Anaconda Electric lounge with it's techno beat or at Baby Love with some good house music.

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