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Bergen, Norway
Bergen, one of Norway's larger cities, is located on the southwest coast in the countryside of Hordaland. It used to be the capital of Norway and was founded around the year of 1070, surrounded by mountains and famous for its heavy rainfalls. If you forget your umbrella, and raincoat though, its not such a big deal... It rains so much here in Bergen that there are vending machines for umbrellas. Don't let the rain dampen your travels though - because the sun does come and shine for parts of the day. And when it does shine over the mountians and spactacular natural beauty surrounding Bergen, this coastal city is gorgoeous.

Look out over the tops of the city by going up Mount Ulriken in a cable car, where you can sit and drink at a cafe overlooking the city and surrounding mountains. The oldest part of Bergen is located on the bay of Vagen with some beautiful old wooden homes dating back to the 18th century. Another spot to walk around would be the fishmarkets located on the harbour where you can find all types of fish like cod, trout, halbut, crabs, shrimps, salmon and much more. Sample the fresh seafood - these Vikings knew they were onto a good thing!

Keep on walking and you'll find the main square, Torgalmenningen, located nearby. To check out churches and museums, I'd suggest Saint Mary Church which is dated back to 1130. There's the Cathedral and the Korskirken Church, both medieval and simply beautiful to explore. The Cultural History Collections Museum has a viking exhibition which may be the best place in Bergen to learn about the Viking era. There's also the monumental stone which remembers the murders from the 1500-1700's during the witch hunts. Bergen is said to have officially apologized for this blotch in history, maybe the only city that has. It's next to the Aquarium which is also worth seeing if yuo want something light hearted after all that gloom! Rosenkrantztårnet and Håkonshallen were built around 1250 in a gothic style.

For a day trip, try exploring some beautiful waterfalls such as Voringfossen, Latefossen and Steinsdalsfossen. These are a bit out of the city, making for an great hike where you can run into sheep and breathe in that fresh Nordic air. There's also Mount Floien which has beautiful views of the surrounding islands and the city. The typical cuisine includes meat such as sausages, cheese (brunost), vegetables, fruit and herbs. Fresh seafood here is spectacular, but for something unique, try reindeer or whale meat. Try some local cider to go with your meal.

For nightlife there are plenty of discos, cafes, restaurnats, live music joints, concerts, pubs and more. Whatever nightlife you're looking for, you'll find it in Bergen. There are good discos like Metro disco, Cafe Clue, Agora, Banco Rotto Dancing and Hulen. However, these are just some suggestions - you can find others that cater best to your style. have fun living it up in Bergen, but make sure to be safe!

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